Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kendrick Lamar - Section.80 (Official Review)

Kendrick Lamar. A great artist. A revolutionary MC. A full-bred westside reppin', rare gem in the hip-hop community. This dope artist offers so much in less than sixty minutes on Section.80. The man is a genius. I have been waiting for Section.80 for quite some time now, and after three listens all the way through, the least I can say is that I am nowhere near being disappointed, or let down. Even though I will not be able to determine if Section.80 is better than (O)verly (D)edicated for at least three months, I can at least say that it is just as good. This album offers so much. Kendrick can attract any type of listener. For being in his early twenties, He is a genius. That's not just my opinion either.  He really is a genius.

Now, some people may call me a d*ck eater after reading this review, but all I can say back is "You've obviously never heard Kendrick spit." And that's all I would have to say. A listen all the way through Section.80 is virtually un-skippable. The features are all dope, the production is great, the lyrics and flows might be the best out of anyone out right now (I'll get back to that), and the album's quality is impeccable. The messages and knowledge that this Compton MC delivers kind of makes you want to send him another payment for the album. No joke.

Let's start with the first eight tracks. The intro, "F*ck Your Ethnicity" is great, but I don't think it tops "The Heart Pt.2." It's still great though. "Hol' up" was released before the album dropped, and that track is so ill. The third verse's rhyme scheme is incredible. "A.D.H.D" follows that track with some Bone-Thug vibe to it. It may be the deepest track on there, especially for people ages 18-25, who know people that have been addicted to multiple drugs. After that, "No Make-Up" with Colin Munroe is a great addition to tracks that Kendrick releases about females. Very deep, and Colin kills his part. "Tammy's Song" is revolutionary-ly dope if that makes sense. The story and theme of that track can not be explained with words. A listen is a must for that track at least. The video for it is dope as well. "Chapter Six" is basically a different type of interlude that leads up to "Ronald Reagan Era," which was a release before the album as well. Both of these tracks are incredible, and "Chapter Six's" message is crazy. Following the two tracks is "Poe Man's Dream" featuring Good Music MC, GLC. Another dope track on this album. Kendrick uses the same background sound as the track that goes "Sometimes, we hurt people that love us.." off of OD. One must listen to understand what I mean.

The second half of the album just continues to deliver real music. It begins with "The Spiteful Chant" featuring fellow TDE artist, ScHoolboy Q. Another dope track from Kendrick with deep meaning. "Chapter Ten" follows and serves as an intermission of some sort. After, "Keisha's Song" comes on, and is once again very, very deep. The hook is done by Ashtro Bot, who delivers it well. By this song, if one never heard Kenrick, they must say, "DAMN." Point blank. Just, "DAMN." The message and story is so epic. Following that is "Rigamortus" which is another dope cut on Section.80. The flow Kendrick uses on that one is ridiculous. Kush & Corinthians Featuring BJ The Chicago Kid is a superior track among the sixteen on this album. This might be one of my favorite tracks, mainly because Kendrick paints such a vivid image over a beat that cries to the listener. (Yeah, it's that deep). "Blow My High" is a track that one may think is a sequel to "H.O.C," but is just another dope track. "Ab-Soul's Outro" follows, featuring another TDE artist in Ab-Soul. Who in my opinion is just as nice as many MC's in the game right now. This track is crazy, and the beat is pretty soulful. Finally  Kendrick ends this incredible album with his blow-up track produced by J.Cole, "Hii-Power." Nothing is really needed to describe this track except the words download now lol.

 Overall, Kendrick shows the world that he isn't the ordinary deep artist. He might end up being considered one of the greatest MC's of all time. This is just the beginning for Kendrick Lamar fans, new or old. I see nothing but limelights and flashing lights for this Compton hip-hop artist. I wish Kendrick all the success and publicity he deserves, as well as continue to be one of the few music blogs to support deep music with meaning from artists like Kendrick

Overall Grade - 9.5/10

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Dan said...

this is a great review

Tommy D said...

i wouldnt say G.o.a.t yet, but hes good

Anonymous said...

Great Review And Great Album

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