Friday, September 16, 2016

Lil Wayne Makes Appearance on Fox Sports 1

Lil Wayne has always had a fascination with the sports world. Wayne has been an avid sports fan, claiming loyalty to the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Boston Red Sox. Wayne has dropped countless sports references in his rap career, including John Lynch, the Maple Leafs, and Aaron Brooks to name a few.

Lil Wayne hasn’t been as active in the rap scene as he used to. You can now hear Wayne’s voice daily on Fox Sports 1 as the rapper created the theme song to sports media personality Skip Bayless and former NFL player Shannon Sharpe’s new show Undisputed. The show is literally the same exact format as ESPN’s First Take, where Bayless and Stephen A. Smith gave their daily thoughts on sports topics and stories.

After creating the song, Wayne was invited on the show to give his opinion on different topics with Bayless and Sharpe. Wayne made headlines when he said he has “never dealt with racism.” With the main topic in sports right now being athletes taking a knee during the national anthem because they believe African Americans are oppressed in this country, Bayless asked Wayne if he ever “experienced any offensive behavior from any other color.”

Wayne said he respects Colin Kaepernick and his decision, but has no opinion on the situation because “he’s not into it enough to give an opinion.” Seems like Wayne didn’t want to take a side, since there is no other reason why he wouldn’t come to an opinion-based show without an opinion on the one story everyone seems to have an opinion on.  You can view the entire segment here.

Wayne seemed comfortable on the set with Bayless and Sharpe, and with his contribution to the show, you might see him appear more often. Wayne might not give the hottest of takes, but he definitely knows his sports and athletes well enough to fit in with the show’s format.